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Quickstart 2-week FREE ProgramJill's 4-Week Complete Program will help you lose unwanted body fat and tone your muscles without wasting your time with over-hyped diet programs and weight loss plans that just don't work. This site will show you how to eat and workout without starving yourself or becoming a slave to the treadmill so you can get the body you want.

Unlike all those macho workout programs for men, this site is entirely devoted to helping women achieve their weight loss goals. You'll learn women-friendly weightlifting workouts designed to burn fat, shape your body, tone your muscles and increase your metabolism.

You won't find quick fix schemes on this site. Looking great is hard work.
You will find everything you need to develop long lasting healthy habits on this site.

Where to start: contains everything you need to get started. With all those useless Cosmo headlines, weight loss supplements, and silly TV workout gadgets it’s easy to get conned into doing an exercise program that is useless, bad for your body or too complicated to stick to. Here, we focus on keeping it simple and sustainable so you can lose fat, tone your muscle and keep it that way.

On this site:

  1. Daily Fitness Tips. Learn simple tips and habits you can implement into your life to start losing weight and toning up your muscle.
  2. FREE Workout and Nutrition Guide. Here’s a complete quickstart guide that will help you get tone & lose fat through a simple nutrition and workout plan.
  3. Complete Exercise Index. Not sure how to lift weights? Confused about some of the exercises in the free workout and nutrition guide? Check out the complete library of exercise videos.
  4. Complete Home Workout Program. No time for the gym? No problem. Imagine a complete workout you can do at home. Get it right here.

The Philosophy.

Our goal here at F-the-freshman-15 is NOT to make you lose weight through painful starvation diets, torturous cardio regiments, and millions of crunches. (If that’s your goal, then please look elsewhere).

Rather, our goal is to help you look great naked by changing the way you eat and exercise in a way that’s sustainable, healthy, and enjoyable for LIFE.

No diets. No starving. No pills. No supplements. No Quick Fixes!!!

Just you, your body, lots of good food, hard work, and amazing results!

So, I repeat: we are not here to torture you; YOU are here to make yourself stronger, slimmer, sexier, healthier, and happier for life!

We are here to help show you how.

  1. It’s about eating LOTS of good food. On this plan, you are not allowed to starve yourself, to skip meals, or to go on strange diets!  Why?? Well, because food gives you energy, boosts your metabolism, and actually makes you slimmer. NOT eating enough food does just the opposite.
  2. It’s NOT about getting bulky. I PROMISE you will not get bulky on this program! I lift almost every single day, and am definitely nowhere close to “bulky” or manly. The truth of the matter is that it is not even possible for women to get that muscular without steroids.  So, steer clear of steroids, and you’ll steer clear of the bulk that you don’t want (and a whole other host of problems).
  3. It’s about Sustainability. This program is not about just looking great and getting a “beachbody” in time for summer, for 90 days, of for a year or so. Instead, it’s about enjoying what you do, loving your body, and looking, feeling, and BEING healthier than ever, for the rest of your life.
  4. It’s about Hard work.  This is NOT a quick-fix solution. Granted, you WILL start to see results extremely fast, but not without a lot of hard work and a commitment to change. You WILL get frustrated and discouraged at times, but this is not an excuse to give up. I am here to help you stay on track.
  5. It’s about Progress. Doing the same thing day in and day out at the gym is not only boring as sin… but it doesn’t work at all! That’s why with our help, you will never do the same workout twice. With this program, you will learn how to keep track of your results in a log, and push yourself to do better each time you go to the gym. This way, you will never reach a plateau.
  6. It’s NOT about being perfect. Despite popular belief that you have to stick to your workout and nutrition plan 100% of the time, this is not the case! We all have bad workouts every once in a while, and we all need a little chocolate and pizza in our lives sometimes. So, strive to stick to the plan 90% of the time, and you will WIN. Strive for 100% perfection, and it’s only a matter of time before you fail and give up completely.
  7. It’s about Strength. The stronger you are, the more muscles you have. The more muscles you have, the higher your metabolism, the more energy you have, and the leaner and sexier you can become! That’s why we here are dedicated to getting STRONGER, not just skinnier. (Because getting “skinnier” the wrong way will actually make you fatter!)
  8. It’s about Balance. This exercise program will never force you to go to extremes. You will never run yourself ragged on a treadmill, nor will you switch to 100% weightlifting workouts. That’s because our program emphasizes that a proper combination of weightlifting and cardio is the healthiest and most effective way to achieve results in the gym.
  9. It’s about Injury Prevention. We will teach you the proper stretching, warm-up, and lifting techniques to make sure that you stay safe and healthy in the gym. We will also provide you with the nutritional tools to recover and benefit as fast as possible from your workouts.
  10. It’s about Simplicity. No fancy supplements, tricks, or diet plans. Just a simple, easy-to-follow program consisting of a nutritious food plan and fun, powerful workouts that you can stick to.

Who is Jill? Jill is the founder and author of She’s been practicing and studying weight loss, nutrition, and fitness for over 10 years. For more information about her, check out the about page.

Quickstart 2-week FREE ProgramJill's 4-Week Complete Program