How a 97lb Woman (ME!) Learned to Box Squat Over 200 lbs

Who says women can’t be stronger than men?…all you need is a little confidence and the willingness to try something new

Here’s a video of me box squatting 200 pounds…over twice my bodyweight…for a warm-up set of 3 reps.

I wasn't always strong and lean. In fact, two years ago I couldn’t even squat the 45 pound bar. That's right, I actually needed to hold 10 pound dumbbells on my shoulders when I first started box squatting.

But I kept a workout log to track my progress, kept pushing myself and eating (NOT DIETING) properly and I started to lose weight, get stronger and reshape my body.

Those 10 pound dumbbells went up to 15 pounds and then 20 pounds and so on…eventually I was squatting my bodyweight.

That was a really cool day. Way cooler than running on a treadmill.

But I didn’t make progress just doing squats

What I did to Get Sexy AND Strong

A lot of muscles are involved in a squat. We have over 600 muscles in our body and the squat is thought to use over 300 of them. The major muscle groups involved in the squat are the hamstrings (underneath your leg), quads (the muscle on top of your leg), and glutes (your butt).

But if you work just these muscles you won’t get very far. Why?

When you squat, the bar is on your shoulders. You can only squat as much as your core (abs and lower back) can support. This means only one thing:

Core strength is just as important as leg strength when trying to make progress in the weight room.

I added lots of lower back and abdominal exercises to my workout and watched my progress take off. I watched my legs, butt and core transform as I got stronger. It was really cool.

Pretty soon I was squatting more than most of the guys in the gym

A lot of women are afraid of getting bulky or that they really won’t get much out of weight lifting when compared to cardio or dieting.  I used to run and diet and this got me nowhere – I actually gained 12 pounds.

Cardio and dieting might make you smaller, but they won’t get you tone, athletic and strong. I am here to tell you that you will NOT get bulky weightlifting – do I look bulky?

Weight lifting changed my body and my life!

Jill Jacobs

I can run faster, I look better and I am way more confident about my body. I only wish more women would realize this.

Get off the treadmill and get into the weight room and you too can change your life!!!

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