Jill Jacobs

Jill is author & founder of FtheFreshman15.com, a website dedicated to helping WOMEN all over the world to build muscle, get toned, and lose body fat through proper strength training.

As a (semi-retired) competitive gymnast for over 18 years, Jill has learned from the best strength, conditioning, and nutrition experts for most of her life. She got into strength training in 2001 after watching her brother’s success with lifting, and started working on developing a lifting program that worked for women as well.

However, in her quest to find a good lifting program for women, Jill found that the women’s fitness industry was full of crap!  It was disheartening to see so many great sites and programs dedicated to helping men, but nothing of quality for women.

So, Jill embarked on a mission to change that. Her long search lead her to reading hundreds of books about strength training, weight lifting, and women’s physiology and nutritional needs.  She talked to her coaches, trainers, dieticians, nutrition specialists, and has spent countless hours training herself and working closely with other women to perfect and re-perfect her program.  When training at the gym, she gets approached all the time with questions about how she trains, and has helped many of her close female friends and family in their quest to build muscle, lose fat, boost their energy, and fall in love with exercise again through weight training.

You can read about her story HERE, or watch her Video, below!

You can also email Jill at jill@ftf15.com if you have any questions about her program. :)  (For fitness & nutrition questions, check out the FAQ page!)