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The complete F-the-Freshman 15 (FTF-15) program is specifically designed to meet the precise needs of real WOMEN who:

  • Want to get in shape, but don't have any clue where to begin
  • Are frustrated because they aren't seeing any results in the gym
  • Want to tone up their arms/ butt/ stomach/ legs/ abs!
  • Want to lose the dreaded "freshman 15" (or 20...) and keep it off
  • Are afraid of gaining the "freshman 15"
  • Have no energy to workout
  • Want to eat healthier, but don't know how
  • Hate counting calories, and enjoy food too much to "diet"
  • Were born with sluggish metabolisms
  • Have no time or motivation to work out
  • Get bored easily with the usual workout routines
  • Are sick and tired of running ragged on treadmills

If any of these sounds like YOU, well then you've come to the right place!  My program will allow you to finally overcome these common obstacles and start shedding stubborn fat to reveal trim and sexy 6-pack abs, tight shapely buns, and the arms and legs of a fine-tuned athlete (or goddess) :)

Because I understand your specific needs and budget constraints, I've put my program into three different packages for you to choose from!  Choose the option that's best for you, and try it RISK-FREE -- in other words, I'm so confident that you'll absolutely LOVE my program, that I'm backing each package with my 100% money-back guarantee! :)

FTF15 Basic Body Toning - $19.97

Our most popular option, this package contains everything you need to get in killer shape!

  • Complete Lifting e-Book: 14 weeks of body-sculpting daily weightlifting workouts
    (view them online, or print them out to take with you!)
  • Complete Cardio e-Book: 14 weeks of fun & fat-blasting cardio workouts!
  • Complete Personalized Nutrition Plan & e-Book: about the farthest thing from a "diet", this no-nonsense printable nutrition plan is designed to keep you full, energetic, and energized all day long while you burn fat and boost your metabolism! Also contains daily menus, grocery lists, and easy healthy recipes & tips.
  • Free 1-year Membership site access: contains weekly instructional videos to keep you motivated, extensive collection of how-to exercise training videos, 14 weeks of workouts to download onto your i-pod, access to premier fitness & nutrition articles, bonus weekly workouts, and MORE!

FTF15 Flex Option - $2.99/Week

This option is perfect for those of you on a tight budget, or who just need a couple weeks'-worth of workouts and motivation to get rid of a 5-10 stubborn pounds, or tone up before your next big event ASAP!

For roughly the same price as a cup of coffee, you'll get all 3 downloadable e-books in the Basic Toning Package:

  • Complete Lifting e-Book
  • Complete Cardio e-Book
  • Complete Personalized Nutrition Plan & e-Book
Plus, with your weekly membership, you'll also get access to all of the member's-only online features:
  • Personal e-coaching, weekly instructional videos, how-to exercise training videos workouts to download onto your i-pod, premier fitness & nutrition articles, bonus weekly workouts, and MORE!

FTF15 Premium Body Toning - $97

This package is for those of you who really want to take your fitness to the next level, for LIFE!

Take a look at what you'll get with this complete lifetime body-transformation program...

  • Unlimited access to the secure FtheFreshman15 membership site!
  • Complete Lifting e-book 14 weeks of body-sculpting daily weightlifting workouts (view them online, or print them out to take with you!)Jill Jacobs
  • Weekly instructional videos to keep you highly motivated  to reach your goals
  • Complete Cardio e-book: 14 weeks of fun & fat-blasting cardio workouts
  • Complete Personalized Nutrition Plan and e-book: about the farthest thing from a "diet", this no-nonsense printable nutrition plan is designed to keep you full, energetic, and energized all day long while you burn fat and boost your metabolism!
  • The most extensive collection of training videos (that you can download onto your i-pod!) to teach the proper form and technique for every exercise you'll ever need to know
  • Premier fitness and nutrition articles that cover every inner and outer aspect of how to get (and stay) in amazing shape
  • Unlimited personal e-coaching: I'll be your own 1:1 personal trainer!
  • Tons of bonus workouts, recipes, fitness and nutrition tips!
  • LIFETIME Access to Program Updates! I'm always seeking ways to improve upon the best women's fitness program in the world. Now you can rest assured knowing that the minute those improvements are released, you'll be among the first to receive them. Now you will never have to worry about getting out of shape ever again… because you're covered for LIFE!
Still not convinced?!!  Watch the video below to learn more!!!

And last but certainly not least…


…You are taking an exhilarating first step by investing in yourself. Your personal health, happiness, and well-being will soon thank you!

I look forward to taking that important journey with you. Your friend in fitness and life,

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You Have Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain! -- Let me teach you how to STOP hating exercise today… to START loving your new body tomorrow! What are you waiting for?!

23 thoughts on “Become A Member

  1. Oh my God this program is so awesome!! ive never been able to stay with a workout plan before but you make it so easy and fun, and i love it!!!! Already lost 6 pounds, and yesterday at the pool my best friend told me my arms and tummy are looking so toned! yay! love this, love YOU Jill! Thank you!!!

    • Anna I am so happy you are enjoying the program so far! Keep up the awesome work, and let me know if you have ANY questions as you go — I’m here for you girlie :)

  2. I was in love with your 2 week free program, and just KNEW that your 14 week program would be worth it. I was right!!! My cousin and I both bought this 2 weeks ago, and we are making so much progress already! You make everything so easy to follow, so clear, and the workouts are different every day so its actually FUN going into the gym now. Plus, I know that you are there whenever I need you……….like having my very own personal trainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Julianna! That is fantastic! Keep it going, and don’t forget that you and your cousin can email me any time you have questions, ok? xoxo

  3. I hadnt ever tried weightlifting until I started this program, and was scared at first but I agree with the other girls here because you make everything so easy to understand! I am about to start week 3 and I cannot believe how much my body is changing already. I have more energy, and I know my metabolism must be getting faster or something because i’m eating more, but losing weight! 7 lbs and counting! I know I can email to tell you this but jsut wanted to post here so other girls know how much your program has helped me already. Love, Meagan

    • Meagan, I am thrilled that you are enjoying the program! Keep up the awesome work! As you are realizing, weightlifting is an incredible way to lose weight and tone up, because it builds up precious metabolism-boosting muscle tissue — the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn! Which means that you burn more fat just by sitting there typing! Pretty sweet, huh? :) Can’t wait til you start the NEXT week… :)

  4. i just started phase 2 today, and OMG i am so sore! srsly my butt and stomach and the backs of my legs are killing me, but i love it because i know i;m working muscles i never even knew i had! O, and, only halfway through the program, and i’ve already reached my weight goal :)

    • Vanessa,

      The soreness is completely normal… many women feel particularly sore at this point in the program because of all the new exercises! You ARE working muscles you’ve probably never really worked before — many of these exercises are compound lifting exercises, and use as many muscle groups as possible all at once. That’s part of what makes this workout routine so effective! :) Just be sure you are eating enough every day (to ensure that you aren’t damaging hard-earned muscle tissues), and keep up the amazing work! So happy that you already reached your goals… just wait to see what the next 8 weeks do for you! :)

  5. ok so this program is awesome! I just wanted people to know that I’m just finished with the week 3 and already can fit into my old jeans! (8 lbs and going strong!) I seriously never thought Id lose the weight I gained after having 4 kids, until I started your routine. I know its supposed to be for college women, but I’m 48 and I love this so far! Just thought I should let you know.
    – Gina

  6. I lost the freshmen SIXteen and can hardly believe it. I’ve been tryingg to tone my arms and abs for the last 3 years now, and have done it with your program in barely 8 weeks. I look and feel like a different person already, and am somewhat in shock by my results. Now I even have my mom and aunt asking me how to lose the weight! So here’s my question: does this program work for people who are a little older, like over 50? Thanks soooo much for everything!

    • Anna! Sorry it took a while to respond… I somehow overlooked this! But congratulations on losing 16 pounds — what a tremendous accomplishment! I am so proud of you, girl… and please keep up the awesome work! :)

      In response to your question, your mom and aunt would also benefit from this program. In fact, about 40-45% of all women using the 14 week program are over 40 years of age and post-menopausal… and all are seeing similar results that the college-aged crowd is seeing! In some cases, the 40+ women are experiencing even more drastic changes and results, due to the fact that their metabolisms have slowed since their teenage years… and this program works to accelerate slow metabolisms as effectively as possible. If your mom or aunt have any special physical needs, they can talk to me and I will work with them to alter the plan to meet their needs/ satisfaction :)


  7. This program is awesome. Very easy to follow, very motivating, and actually does what it claims to do! There are so many weight loss programs out there that are full of hype, and this is not one of them — Jill explains everything thoroghly, and is there whenever you need her. She is so helpful and knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and always willing to share it with me! After the succes I’ve seen, I have all my friends trying it too.

    • Chris,
      Thanks so much for the lovely comment! I am so thrilled that you love the program and are experiencing such amazing results — you go girl! I do hope your friends decide to try the program too… and am eager to meet them on the other side :)

  8. My BFF told me about this program and now i have to try it because its working so well for her and she says its super easy to stick to even with her busy class schedle. Just bought it and so excited to try it!

  9. The resources on this members site are amazing. seriously! Thx so much Jill for putting this all together. It makes it so easy to have everything I need all in one spot

    • So happy you find it all helpful! Took a while to build up the membership site content… but to hear that it’s helping women like you makes it all worth it! :) Keep up the awesome work.

  10. Hi Jill, I was wondering if your workout’s in the membership were shown by video because I don’t have engough data to be able to view that as well as do you have to have a lot of equipment or gym membership to do them??

    • Hey Heather!

      Great question!

      Yes, the exercises are shown by video (should work on all internet browsers), and can also be downloaded to your i-pod. If you don’t have enough data to view the videos, it really would not be a major problem, because the videos are just SUPPLEMENTS to the complete workout guide and online membership site. Plus, there is a detailed picture exercise guide that shows you how to do EVERY SINGLE EXERCISE int the program at the end of the workout guide.

      To answer your second question about a gym membership or gym equipment, while a gym membership is not necessary (many of the exercises can still be done at home if you have a few pairs of dumbbells and a sturdy chair/bench), you definitely would benefit MOST by joining a gym to use the equipment there. Not only will this enable you to do every single exercise in the program, but it is also proven to help MOTIVATE you to do your workouts… as it’s a lot easier to decide to get bored and skip days if you’re just working out at home. If you’d like to TRY the program, you can always just try the weekly option! If it does not work for your current situation, you can cancel it at any time.

      Let me know if you have any other questions… I am here to help!! :) xoxox

  11. Does your nutrition plan include information on figuring out how many calories are the right amount to eat to still lose weight based on your personal stats? This is what I struggle the most with, I don’t want to restrict too much but I don’t want to reverse my workouts by eating too much either! Your plan seems awesome by the way, I’m considering buying it!

    • Hey Caprice!

      Great question!! And YES, the nutrition plan is personalized to meet your personal body dimensions and goals! It’s very simple too — all you have to do is enter your current height, weight, age, goal weight, and activity level (this is explained in detail in the membership site), and a calorie calculator tells you which nutrition plan to follow! SUPER easy, and it works! Women also really like it because it is NOT “restrictive”… this is not what I advocate! Contrarily, my plan consists of small and FREQUENT eating, and also has mandatory “cheat meals”, where you “cheat” on the nutrition plan… which is actually one of the secrets to being successful on any nutrition plan :) If you have any other questions about the program, don’t hesitate to ask me! That’s what I am here for! I am glad you think the program sounds awesome… I promise you that it IS, and that you will absolutely LOVE it if you decide to try it :)


      • you sold me with your quick response! Just bought the basic toning package to try it out :) Can’t wait to get started!

        • one more quick question, how soon do I get access to the site for the ebooks? I got the confirmation email that I paid but I can’t log in to the site yet and am just wondering how long it takes to verify the payment! Thank you :)

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