How to Keep Burning Fat and Toning Muscle

toned abs workout losing inchesIn previous articles, I talked about how weight lifting can burn fat, maintain muscle and allow you to systematically shape your body in a way that's safe and balanced. Proper cycling of core lifting exercises such as the bench press, box squat, and dead lift allows you to exercise your body the way it was designed to work.

The end result of proper weight lifting is a sleeker, sexy athletic look that you cannot build with dieting and cardio alone.

But that's not all.

With weightlifting, you can avoid the dreaded weight loss "plateau"...

Many women start to plateau on their weightloss journey and get frustrated when they stop seeing results. In an effort to lose those last few pounds, they often increase the cardio and decrease their food intake. What they don't realize though, is that cardio and dieting alone often cause women to lose both fat AND muscle. And, as we all know, muscle tissue is KEY to keeping an active metabolism and to reshaping your body for good! This is why weightlifting is so important.

Unlike aerobic exercise, if you weight train properly you can ensure that your body never has a chance to adapt and reach a weight loss or fitness plateau. Of course, it still is very easy and possible to plateau if you don't exercise properly. I've seen a lot of guys lift weights for years and never get anywhere. Here, I will give you one of the most important tips to ensure you never stop seeing great fat burning, muscle toning results in the gym...

How to Continue Making Progress Lifting Weights

KEEP A FITNESS JOURNAL!!!  By keeping a journal of your lifting history, each and every week you can try to break your lifting "record" -- even if it's only by one extra repetition, or one extra pound! Record breaking is a sign that your neuromuscular and muscular systems are growing and becoming stronger. It’s also sign that you are at least maintaining your metabolism-boosting muscle tissue while you lose weight.

Without a workout journal you won't know how much to safely push past your limit. This can severely slow down or entirely stop your development and its one of the biggest reasons people reach a weight loss and fitness plateau.

Trying to break records in the gym also becomes really motivating -- for me, it's almost like a personal game! You will actually start to look forward to going into the gym and trying to break your record. (When is the last time you looked forward to running for an extra ten minutes?)

Combine this type of lifting workout with moderate cardio and a good diet and you will transform your body, I promise :)

Action Steps - Here's What to Do to Ensure you Continue to See Body-Toning Results:

  1. Focus on the three main lifts: bench press, dead lift and box squat.
  2. Use supplementary exercises to help get better at the main exercises.
  3. As I mention in this article, keep a workout journal to track your progress so you can safely push yourself each week!!!
  4. Eat and snack often (every 4 hours or so) so your muscles have plenty of energy to heal and your metabolism stays revved up to help you burn fat.

To see how to incorporate these guidelines into a daily routine that you can start following TODAY, check out my complete women's workout and nutrition program!  You'll get everything you need to start seeing results, and to help you push past that plateau! :)

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One thought on “How to Keep Burning Fat and Toning Muscle

  1. What exercise would be good for a 53 yr old menopausal. I do weights and workout classes at the gym like boot camp and body pump and pilates. My weight is at a plateau after losing 6.7 kg for two years. I would like to loose more weight as i am 5 ft 2 and at 60 kg maybe to 55 kg.

    Hopefully you could enlighten me as to how and what food should i avoid.


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