Tips to avoid weight gain this Christmas!

Scale weight

In this article, I am going to answer this week's most frequently asked question:

"Jill, how am I supposed to avoid gaining a ton of weight during this Holiday Season with all these holiday parties and temptations everywhere!?"

However, there are some simple tricks that will help make it much easier for you to stay in shape this Christmas, despite its many temptations to fall off the healthy bandwagon until New Years...
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6 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated in the Gym!


Do you find yourself skipping workouts or struggling to get in the gym?

Do you have trouble being consistent for more than a few weeks or months?

Is it hard to stick to your healthy diet?

Is it difficult to reach your weight loss goals?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone.

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Stay toned during the Holidays with these 6 simple tricks!

fat burn cardio high intensity

For many women, “Holidays” mean putting diet and fitness habits on the back burner for a few weeks… and then regretting it later when they step on the scale.  Instead of being one of these women who gains 5-10 pounds this Holiday Season, incorporate some of these simple tricks into your routine, and be ready to show off that toned body in your hottest little black dress this New Years!
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7 Tricks for Overcoming Your Gym Phobia

Overcoming Gym Phobia

Afraid of the testosterone-flowing, heavy-weight-pumping, grunty, sweaty land of free weights? I was, the first time I walked into a weight room. Like the “new kid at school”, I felt somewhat paralyzed by all the commotion, and the fact that I didn’t know my way around yet.

But, I promise the gym can actually become a fun, relaxing place for you to unwind if you just give it (and yourself) a chance.  If you find yourself having cold feet about getting yourself to the gym to lift, try these 7 tricks for overcoming your fears so you can start your journey towards slim and sexy as soon as possible!

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The #1 Trick to Staying Toned: Learn how to be Lazy!

Toned Beach This past week, I stayed in Hermosa Beach with my Aunt and Uncle. While I was there, I did absolutely... nothing!

Instead of Cardio sessions, I took lazy strolls along the beach, shopped, and did a free "Zumba in the park" class at sunset.  Instead of hitting the weights at the gym, I hit a private "pole dancing" class, ate buckets of tropical fruit, and got a pedicure. Instead of "feeling the burn" doing High Intensity Interval Training, I ate some spicy Mexican food, and felt a little bit of pink sunburn (from all those fabulous beach naps!)

So, how did I get away with doing absolutely NOTHING for an entire week... without feeling an ounce of guilt?

Well, because taking a week off (yes completely off) from exercise is actually the single most crucial part of my fitness regimen. And, I have learned that being "Lazy" (when incorporated appropriately) is actually the #1 strategy for helping women stay toned, healthy, motivated, (and sane) on any workout plan...
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MY SUCCESS STORY: How One Simple Change In My Workout Made All The Difference!

Jill Toned

When I first decided that I was unhappy with the way my body looked, I did what all of my girlfriends were doing: I started to run. And run. And run.

(Oh yeah, and I also did literally one thousand crunches per day, every single day).
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