College workout plan to Fight the Freshman 15 – Part I: Motivation

College Workout Plan

Are you scared of gaining weight in college? In this post you’re going to learn how to avoid the freshman 15 and possibly lose weight while you’re in college.

In the next three articles, I'm going to show you simple college friendly tips to stay motivated, get a great college workout plan, and college friendly eating habits you can use right away to completely avoid the freshman 15.

A great college workout plan has 3 parts:

  1. Motivation - you need it to actually start (and stick with) your college workout plan.
  2. College workouts- they need to be quick enough that you can squeeze in, but as effective as possible in the fat-burning department.
  3. Nutrition – needs to be balanced and reasonable -- something that you can make work with all the late night studying and dining hall buffets.

What keeps you motivated when you are ready to quit exercising?

Keeping weight off in college is a lifestyle choice, not something you do part-time after a big meal or a late night party.

This means you need to be motivated and stick to your fitness plan no matter how busy or crazy life may get!

Here are 3 things you need to stay motivated so you don’t quit

1. You need a reason to exercise in college

Think about why you are in college. There is obviously a reason. You want a job when you graduate or you want a certain career. You want money. You want a lifestyle you don’t have now… the list goes on and on...

You could probably list more than 30 reasons why college will improve your life.

When the going gets tough in college, when classes are getting you down, you keep at it anyway. You know the studying and late nights with your noses in textbooks will pay off in the end. The thought of a better life and all those reasons around it motivates you.

However, while many women may start out with similarly good intentions for exercising and staying healthy when they enter college, when life gets too busy, exercise and nutrition ambitions last about as long as most "New Years Resolutions"...

That is, they hit the gym when the semester begins, and three weeks later they are napping on the couch.

In order to ensure you don't end up like these women, before you even start exercising, you need to come up with the same types of good reasons why working out and keeping up with your college workout plan will help improve your life. Reasons like “to lose weight” or “to get in shape” are too vague and not personal enough.  To come up with truly motivating reasons to stick with your college workout plan, dig deep and ask yourself:

How will exercise impact my life?

It will be different for everyone. Write down 30 reasons and look at this sheet when you start to lose motivation. This will keep you on your college workout plan when life gets crazy busy. You can get a worksheet to help you with this right here.

2. You need your college workout to be FUN!

Your workout needs to be the highlight of your day.arm toning

You need to look forward to it and get excited about going. Think of a TV show you love that you just won’t miss. Why are you so consistent watching your show? Because it moves you. You enjoy it. You want to know what comes next etc.

Can you really LOVE going to the gym?


Sure, running on a treadmill may not be all that exciting, but with weight training you can actually watch your body get better and better each and every week. You can keep track of your progress and try to break your personal lifting records on an exercise.

This can be very motivating. So go out and get a good college weight lifting workout plan and keep a fitness log to keep track of your progress so you stay motivated.

3. Get a workout partner!

Having a friend to workout with can help you a lot. You will be way less likely to skip your workouts. You can have someone there to spot you if you need help with one of the exercises like the bench press. So grab a roommate or class friend and hit the gym together.

Don’t have a workout buddy? Don’t let this stop you!

Go virtual! Email your friend your workout plan and do it together on the same days. It has the same effect - you won’t be likely to skip out if your friend is doing it too.

All right, that’s it for motivation. It’s important to know how to keep it if you expect to avoid the freshman 15 and stick to your college workout plan.

Do you want the video version on how to build motivation?

Check out this fun video all about building massive weight loss motivation.

Spend some time writing out your 30 reasons why you want to avoid the freshman 15 and get in great shape. Post it in a visible place, like your bathroom mirror and get ready to burn some fat. Get a great college friendly workout and a nutrition plan the next two part of this series.

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