Why Dieting and Cardio Won’t Get You Here

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For the most part, women avoid weightlifting and usually just stick with cardio.

Treadmills and Elliptical trainers are what we do when we want to lose weight. They just make sense to us, are really easy to use and hey...everybody else is doing it, right? But imagine if there was a way to drop weight and sculpt your body without crazy amounts of dieting and cardio.

There is nothing wrong with making cardio an integral part of your workout routine. But here are 3 important things you should know if you want a more toned sculpted body...

Harsh dieting is a great way to render your workouts pointless

DON'T "diet". Many women make the mistake of strictly limiting their calories when they start an exercise program. Turns out that harsh dieting is one of the worst things you can do to your body. It will without a doubt sabotage your weight loss goals by severely slowing down your metabolism and forcing your body into starvation mode. When this happens your body will actually metabolize your muscle for energy and actually promote fat storage. Ever heard of the term "skinny fat"? Well, that's what harsh dieting and cardio can lead too. In other words, looking and feeling great on a workout program requires an emphasis on proper nutrition to maintain an active metabolism. To make sure you aren't destroying the fat-burning power of your muscles, make sure you eat something healthy every 3 – 5 hours, never skip meals, always have a healthy snack immediately following your workout, and drink tons of water (at least 6 – 8 glasses/day). For some delicious healthy snack ideas click here. But that's not all you can do to prevent muscle loss. You need to know that

Not all weight loss is good weight loss!

Seriously, try lifting weights. Everyone nowadays focuses on "weight loss" as a goal, with no regards to what KIND of weight is lost. Let's say you lose 15 lbs. You’d be happy, right? But, what if you found out that those 15 lbs were not fat, but muscle tissue? Clearly, that would be terrible. That's what you get when you combine harsh dieting with lots of cardio; you burn muscle not fat. If you want to make sure that your workout routine is always burning off fat then you definitely want to start weight lifting, especially if cardio is a big part of your workout routine. Try cutting back on cardio and adding in 3 lifting sessions per week; this will ensure that your muscles stay strong and healthy. Contrary to what the fitness magazines say, a combination of cardio and weightlifting is really the only way to get a toned sexy look. Cardio alone might get you skinny, but you will destroy your muscle, slow down your basal metabolic rate and you could end up "skinny fat". So...

How do women lift weights?

Not sure how to start weight lifting? Take a look at my free women's lifting guide! More and more women are looking to discover the fat loss benefits of weightlifting, but usually don't know where to go to find the information they need. Personal trainers are sometimes too expensive (especially the really good ones), and the other weightlifting websites out there focus solely on making men huge, not helping women get lean, strong, and sexy. I developed this entire sight just for this reason. It has everything you need: a complete workout and nutrition guide, an entire video library of how to do every single exercise you’ll need to get lean and toned, and personal free e-mail training.

So, what do you have to lose? (5? 15? 25 pounds?)

Whatever your weight loss goals, be sure you aim to lose the right kind of weight (Fat) through a healthy combination of healthy nutrition, cardio, and weightlifting. Check out my complete fitness and nutrition program now to get started!

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4 thoughts on “Why Dieting and Cardio Won’t Get You Here

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  2. I agree with everything except that last part about Personal Trainers. Even if you can’t have multiple sessions with a Trainer, you can maybe have one or two that will make sure you have the right form. Just watching a video is not going to be enough for someone who has no experience, and paying a little bit extra money is not a bad thing to make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the long run and end up in physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff or blown ACL (which are VERY common)….because when you think about money….THOSE cost more! I think it’s poor advice to advise someone right off the bat to not see a professional. When your computer goes completely nuts, wipes out or won’t work, you don’t just watch a video on it, or open the mother board and start poking around to ‘try it on your own’ you call the Geek Squad at Best Buy or the IT guys, cause they are the professionals. Yes, get moving, lose weight, but seeking a little professional help is always good, even if it’s the ‘free trial’ with a trainer that most gyms offer. They will make sure that you don’t get hurt, and the most results….and lets face it, that is EVERYONE’S goal.

    NASM Personal Trainer

  3. I found this helpful, but some women, like myself NEED to lose muscle more than fat. I would not consider myself fat, but I have huge leg muscles that just get bigger and bigger. I think this is because I used to play soccer. And while I could stand to lose a few pounds of fat, I would rather look skinnier than toned. I already look toned, I am just very wide.

    • Hi Eliza!
      Thanks for the comment!
      In response to your concern that you are “too muscular”, this is very rare because it is extremely hard for women to build muscle that easily given our low testosterone levels. So, I would say view your toned muscle as a blessing (muscle is your body’s metabolic GOLD, and it will help you shed those few pounds of fat), and focus on incorporating some high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and “cardio sandwiching” into your workout routine to help make your body even leaner.
      For instance, try running 10 minutes both before AND after you lift (cardio “sandwich”). This gets intense though, so don’t overdo it! I usually incorporate cardio sandwiches into my workouts twice per week.
      Also, the following workout is an example of a great HIIT workout, and can be done in place of one of your steady state cardio sessions:
      Jog 4 minutes, Pick up the pace for 1 minute
      Jog 3 minutes, sprint 1 minute
      Jog 2 minutes, sprint 1 minute
      Jog 1 minute, sprint 1 minute
      Jog 2 minutes, sprint 1 minute
      Jog 3 minutes, sprint 1 minute
      Jog 4 minutes

      To switch things up, you can also try jumping rope quickly instead of sprinting in the above HIIT workout.

      Hope this helps! Keep up the great work!

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