How to Workout at Home for Free

Home Workout

No time to go to the gym?...

Not ready to get locked into an expensive gym membership contract?...

Not falling for those infomercials trying to sell you hundreds of dollars’ in home-gym equipment?...

But desperately looking for a way to get rid of your belly pooch?

Imagine if there was a fun way for you to burn 400-plus calories and tons of fat in the comfort and privacy of your own living room…for free!

Sound like a pretty awesome deal? Well, then continue reading to learn more about the Free Complete at-home Workoutoptimized for maximum fat-burning in the least amount of time, with the least amount of equipment, but with huge results!

I have been getting lots of emails lately from women looking to workout at home. Some women wanted to slim down in their dorm rooms before the Holidays, several wish to slim down for their upcoming Wedding day, while a few busy new moms need some help losing post-pregnancy weight.

But whatever your motivation for losing those pesky pounds and inches, I promise you will not be disappointed with the results of this simple workout program. The reason this at-home workout is so effective, is that it features powerful fat-burning gym exercises, modified to fit into your tight schedule and budget (but still 100% effective)!

Take a look at the first page of the workout plan below to see if it is right for you and get started losing stubborn fat right now.

Part I: What you Need

For this simple at-home workout, all you will need is:

  1. A very stable chair or step that you can step up onto fairly easily
  2. A set of 5, 10, and 15 lb dumbbells (You can find these at any Dick’s Sporting Goods or even Target.  This will total about $35, but it is well worth the investment because you can use these for life!)
  3. A big stability ball (again, you can get this at Dick’s or Target for about $15).
  4. Good, comfortable work out shoes

Part II: The Schedule

For this program, write your workouts into your work or school schedule ahead of time, and commit to them!  If you don’t honor them, then how can you honor your body?

Right now, schedule in the following:

  1. Three days/week: Home lifting workouts (alternate between the two workouts listed in the workout guide. Allow for about 50 minutes for each workout.
  2. Two days/week: 15 - 20 minutes cardio (see the workout guide for details) These are to be done on different days than your home lifting workouts.

Part III: The Workout

Below are some of my favorite exercises, taken directly from the complete at-home workout. You can find the entire at-home exercise library right here.

Fat-Burner #1: The Belly-Busting Power of the Chair Squat

The Chair squat is a women-friendly version of the traditional squat or box squat. A real squat is done with a bar on your shoulders. When done correctly, it is pretty much the best exercise you can do to burn fat and to tone your body. This is because a single squat requires you to use many different muscle groups, and thus enables you to burn a lot of calories in a very short time. Using only a sturdy chair and a pair of dumbbells, this great exercise works your quads, calves, hamstrings stomach, back and shoulders together in one motion.

Fat Burner #2: Sexify your Arms, Abs, and Back with the Floor Press

Many people falsely believe that the bench press is strictly an “arm” exercise. But this is not the case!

While this at-home version of the bench press will undoubtedly get rid of your bingo-arms, it is also a very effective exercise for toning your back, shoulders, and abdominals as well.

Fat Burner #3: Give your Butt a Lift with the Dead-lift

Another great butt-burner…

While there are many great compound exercises in this workout (such as the chair squat and dumb bell floor press), nothing beats the straight-leg dumb bell deadlift in terms of strength and fat-burning power.

Because the simple dead lift movement works more muscles simultaneously than any other exercise, it is a key component in the at-home fat burning workout. In addition to burning fat like crazy, this exercise also will strengthen and tone your entire back and its surrounding muscle groups (butt, abdominals, hamstrings, hips, thighs), which will also improve posture and make everyday activities much easier to perform.

Well, that’s it for the sneak peak!

If you want the entire at-home workout (and nutrition) plan to learn how to cycle these exercises into your weekly workout go grab a pair of dumb bells and get the free complete at-home Workout Guide to get started now.

Click Here for your free at home workout guide.

After your schedule calms down and you are ready to head to the gym again, check out my complete 14-week step-by-step workout program! A very busy woman myself, my program was designed for the busy modern woman... to get you MAXIMUM results with limited time and budget. :)

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