Get rid of problem areas: Tone up your Tummy!

Weight lifting will help shed fat from all over

FTF15 conducted a survey of college women and asked them: “With regards to weightloss, what is your biggest problem area”?

Of the hundreds of women I surveyed, surprisingly only about 2% said they “wouldn’t change a thing” – in other words, these women were truly happy with how they looked and felt all over!

Personally, this statistic upset me, because I think that EVERY woman deserves to feel this way about her body. And so, I've created this next series of articles for the other 98% of you – for all the women who want to lose that lower-belly pooch (34%), tone up your arms and shoulders (25%), get rid of stubborn thigh cellulite (16%), get a perkier, more toned butt (13%), and just plain “tone up all over!” (8%)

Specifically, in this first article, we’ll be focusing on how to tone up your abs...

Before I show you how to get rid of your problem area with a great stomach-toning workout, I first need to explain a little bit about problem areas in general… and debunk some of the myths and misconceptions that may be getting in your way!

First of all, many people falsely believe that it is possible to “Spot treat” certain areas of our bodies. For instance, you probably see lots of other women doing hundreds of crunches at the gym… and it’s because they believe that doing lots of crunches will magically make their belly fat disappear.

However, this is not the case! Our bodies don’t lost fat from one location at a time. Instead, we lose fat equally from all over with increased exercise.

Thus, when you do a crunch or sit-up, while this movement will make your core stronger (this is the “burn” that you feel), this movement will only burn a teeny tiny bit of fat from all over your body. This means that the most effective way to lost fat from any given part of our bodies (i.e. your stomach, arms, legs… anywhere!) is through combination lifting exercises that involve as many different muscle groups as possible (and hence burn the most calories and fat!)

So then, the most effective way to say goodbye to stubborn ab-flab is to burn as much fat all over your body as possible, which is done in a variety of ways:

  1. Burn maximal calories and fat all over your body through complex lifting exercises. Instead of focusing on low-energy exercises like crunches (which burn little to no fat from all over your body), you should spend a majority of your time doing multi-muscle lifting exercises that trigger your body to burn a TON of fat all at once. Strength exercises that force you to use as many different muscle groups as possible -- such as the deadlift and box squat -- are the best way to do this!

The FTF15 college workout plan is chock-full of the most highly effective lifting exercises for burning as much fat as possible. So, if you  haven’t done so yet, GET THE WORKOUT PLAN, and start incorporating it into your schedule today!

  1. Use the “cardio sandwich” technique to burn more fat before, during, and after workouts. Just like my cardio article says, doing “cardio sandwiches” (8 – 10 minute jog/run before AND after your lifting workout) is also a tremendous way to increase the power of the fat-burn both during AND after you lift! Seriously the toning results you will see from incorporating cardio sandwiches are fast and furious… but I recommend doing this for no more than 2 of your lifting workouts each week, and cycling this so that every 3 weeks you take a break from “cardio sandwiches”! (Otherwise you may get burned out… which would totally defeat the purpose!)
  1. Supplement your workouts with toning circuits that build muscle tissue in your problem area. For those of you who think having muscles makes you scary, manly, bulky, (etc.), think again! The word “tone” is just another word for “muscle”… and you cannot have tone without it. For, not only does muscle tissue speed up your metabolism and help you lose fat, but it IS the “stuff” that gives your body that toned look you’re after! 

The ab-toning workout I have supplied below is a great way to help build precious abdominal muscles that will give you that sleek and sexy stomach that you’re after.

The Best Ab Toning Workout

(To be done one time per week, in place of any of the lifting workouts outlined in your FTF15 workout plan!)

To get this workout on a printable workout card to take to the gym with you, click HERE.

In addition to following the steps outlined above, in order to build that lean sexy ab muscle, you must also make sure you are eating properly. For, if you don’t eat enough of the right foods, your body will just burn up your muscle for fuel instead of building lean muscle, and you will not see the results that you are looking for. (In fact, 90 percent of your results will come from nutrition alone!)

So, if you haven’t already done so, become an FTF15 member to get your own easy-to-follow personalized nutrition guide!! Not only will it improve your ability to work out, but it is really the only way to ensure that your workouts will do their job and get you those awesomely toned abs!

And stay tuned, because in the next article, I will be helping you tone up another very common problem area: the arms/ shoulders region!

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