The Big Scam Behind Magazine Workouts

Magazine Scam

So it happens to all of us.

There you are, standing in line at the grocery store, when that miracle headline catches your eye: “Inside: the workout that will get you seriously ripped in just 2 weeks! (page 35)”  (WOW)

Obviously, you’d have to be crazy to not cough up 4 bucks to get a ripped bod in 14 days, right!?

Well now I’m going to tell you why you should never waste another penny on these crappy, bogus, too-good-to-be-true magazine workouts.

  1. The smiling model in the pictures did NOT get “seriously ripped” and sexy doing the 2-page workout in magazine “X”. Assuming that the model is NOT airbrushed and is actually in great shape in real life, do you really think she got that way doing some 15-minute workout a couple times a week? And if it were really that easy, don’t you think more people would be walking around in amazing shape??
  2. Magazine workouts often contain only isolation exercises, like lame sit-up and lunge variations. While isolation exercises get your attention with phrases like “get a great BUTT with this workout”, they are extremely ineffective because they often try to target only one or two muscle groups or problem areas.  As I mentioned in my article on why crunches don’t work, the best way to burn lots of fat and tone ANY part of your body is by doing compound weight-lifting exercises that work multiple muscle groups all at once (the more, the better!). I guarantee that the only muscle group the girl in the magazine is toning is perhaps her smile.
  3. The magazine workouts are not sustainable.  Eventually, as with any workout routine, your body adapts and the workout is basically useless. In other words, after about 2 weeks, you’d have to do the workout twice as long and twice as hard to burn the same amount of calories as before. Instead of wasting 30-45 minutes of your time burning maybe 50 – 100 calories… go lift some real weights at the gym!  Unlike magazine workouts that get old after a few weeks, free weight lifting will never let your body plateau if you do it right.
  4. Getting strong and toned takes time. There is no quick fix to getting in great shape. So, beware of those magazine workouts that claim to whip you into great shape in just 4 weeks or less. It’s simply not possible! Getting lean and sexy strong takes time, patience, commitment, and a proper workout and nutrition plan. The fastest way to get in shape and burn lots of fat is through a combination of free-weightlifting (not just with 5 lb dumbbells, either) and cardio. It truly baffles me that people spend all this time looking for quick fixes… when in reality, they could have already been fit by now!

And, of course, don’t forget that the workout is only half the battle (well, actually it’s more like 10%).  Magazine workouts fail to mention this, but combining your workout program with proper nutrition is the true secret for obtaining a rock solid body.

So, next time you’re waiting in line and are tempted to waste another 4 dollars on the “Great 1-month Slim Down” or the “Lose your belly in 8 days” false promises, just...don’t.

Instead, try something that actually WORKS, and go get my complete workout and nutrition program just for women right HERE!!

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