The #1 Diet and Workout Myth that is Making Women Fat


On average, very few women at the gym actually understand how to work out. For some reason, people have been lying to women, telling us that lots of cardio and more dieting are the keys to success in the battle against fat-loss.  I did a survey this past Spring that confirmed this: about 95% of the women I spoke with had never lifted with free weights, and spent most of their time on the eliptical or treadmill machines. Even more shocking to me was that about 80 percent of the women hadn’t eaten anything within the past 3.5 hours of exercising (or more – one young woman running on the treadmill hadn’t eaten for nearly 7 hours!) EEK!

"Quick" magazine diet plans just don't work

It’s about time someone told you ladies the truth! Despite everything you’ve read in those magazines or have heard from your girlfriends, cardio + dieting produces these ugly results:

  1. Fake weight loss. (ie. Very little fat burning, but mostly muscle and water loss
  2. Weight-loss plateau. After about 2 weeks, your body develops a tolerance to all the cardio, and you stop losing weight.
  3. Weight gain PLUS. Many women gain all the weight back and then some, due to a significantly slowed metabolism (a result of increased efficiency and muscle loss).

Does this sound familiar? This cycle of weight loss and gain with no results? Well, this is the typical outcome of any diet and cardio regime, and unfortunately is also the vicious cycle that leads so many women to get frustrated, to fail, and to give up.

Cardio is overrated

Let me explain. When a woman cardio’s herself ragged for an hour (or more) a day, her body becomes extremely efficient and the workout no longer burns as much as it did a few days ago. On top of this, all that cardio causes her to “bottom out” her body’s hormones and to deplete her calorie-burning muscles; her metabolism plummets as a result. The slower metabolism causes her to gain weight... which makes her do the only other thing she’s been taught to do: go on a diet!  But alas, a diet only makes the problem FAR worse: skipping meals, limiting caloric intake below a certain point, exercising on a very empty stomach, and not eating post-workout all encourage additional fat storage, as well as an even SLOWER metabolism.

It's not just a numbers game

The root of the problem is that most women focus solely on burning calories.  They look at the numbers ticking away on the treadmill, bike, elliptical machines and stair-steppers and think “oh look! I am burning SO many calories!!”  But really, do you care about burning CALORIES, or about burning FAT???

The answer is obvious... but for some reason, people are still obsessed with the idea that cardio and dieting are the way to go, despite the fact that so many women are only getting fat and frustrated on that plan.

So, moral of the story? Get rid of the lies that have failed you, get off those cardio machines, and stop starving your bodies! The only way to burn fat is to combine free-weight lifting and moderate cardio with adequate and frequent nutrient intake.  To see what your NEW fat-burning workout and nutrition plans should look like, get going with my powerful and easy-to-follow program! 

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