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If you workout with an iPod or compatible player you can watch any exercise video while you workout. So grab your workout plan and an iPod and get going! Read these instructions to learn how you can import video playlists and organize the videos on your iPod player!

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Mobility Warmup - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

45-Degree Back Raise Substitute - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

45-Degree Back Raises - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Arnold Press - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Bench Press (dumbbell and Regular) - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Bench Pushups  - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Bent-over Dumbbell Rows  - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Box Squat - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Chest-Supported Side Raises - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Double Hammer Curls - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Dumbbell Crossover Curls - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Dumbbell Flies - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Dumbbell Tricep Kick-backs - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Dumbbell Step-ups - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Free Weight Pec Dec - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Glute Ham Raises - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Glute Ham Raise Substitute Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Good mornings - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Incline Dumbbell Curls - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Incline Sit-ups - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Kneeling/ Lunging Dumbbell Rows - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Overhead/ Military Dumbbell Press - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Regular Deadlift - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Russian Twists - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Seated Dumbbell Cleans - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Single-arm Dumbbell Rows - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Straight-leg Deadlift - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Swiss Ball Sit-ups - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Tricep Push-downs/ Extensions on cables - Watch | Download Download iPod Button

Wide-Grip/ Lat Pull-DownsWatch | Download Download iPod Button