Your Nutrition Guide - Easy and Simple Eating Habits to Start Losing Weight

If you really want to see amazing results from your workout program, you MUST start practicing proper nutrition.  For, not only will eating healthy improve your ability to workout, but great nutrition will also melt that “Freshman 15” away about 10 times faster than just through exercise alone!  

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But eating healthy can be difficult if you don’t have a good nutrition plan to follow. Without a nutrition plan, it becomes all too easy to just eat whatever is available, whenever it’s available… and unfortunately the world around us usually doesn’t make healthy options readily available (when was the last time you saw fresh apples and bananas on a fast food menu?) You get my point! Plan ahead by bringing healthy snacks with you to class/work/etc… and you’ll be much less tempted when junk food crosses your path.

In order to make the transition easy on you, I’ve created this super simple 2-week quickstart nutrition plan for you!

For the next two weeks, you will start implementing several changes into your current diet. Depending on your current eating habits, these changes may take some getting used to – but the benefits will be huge: a revved up metabolism, increased energy to get through your day, greater clarity of mind, and an already slimming waist-line!

Aside from giving your body and mind a kick-start towards your health and fitness goals, these first two weeks will also help transition you into my full F the Freshman 15 healthy eating program -- a customized, full 90-day nutrition program that you can follow ANY where, on ANY budget! It’s specially designed to meet the needs of the busy college woman who is sick and tired of counting calories, and wasting her time with painful diets that just don’t work.

On this plan, you are not allowed to starve yourself, to skip meals, or to go on strange diets! Why?? Well, because food gives you energy, boosts your metabolism, and actually makes you slimmer. NOT eating enough food does just the opposite.

To get started right now, start following the simple steps on the next page. I know they look simple, but they are designed to EASE you into healthy eating habits over the next two weeks, before you start the full personalized 90-day program!