Your Personal Commitment

Like anything, what you get out of this program will depend on what you put into it. The nutrition and workout program you have invested in works. Many women I have worked with over the last 8 years have lost their love handles and stomach fat and have seen their thighs, butt, arms and calves all transform into the toned and sexy look they have always wanted.

Eat Healthy

I carry more FRUIT than cash in my purse! :)

However, you actually have to commit to the program. These two weeks will jumpstart your plan, but you really should commit to making it a long-term endeavor -- which is why I’ve also created a complete 14-week program for you to check out when you’re done! Granted, you will definitely see unbelievable results in just the first two weeks, but why stop there? So, when the two weeks is over, you will have the opportunity to continue changing your body with the COMPLETE program I have developed just for women. It turns out that 90 days is long enough to instill a level of permanent habit change into our lives. By “permanent” I mean that you simply do the task unconsciously without even thinking about it. For example, you probably don’t have to force yourself to shower or brush your teeth every day. You probably don’t even think about it - you just do it.

The goal of this program is to form the habits of healthy eating and properly cycled exercise so that you are drawn to them and actually do them without too much effort or resistance. Everything you need to know is right here in this guide.

So I need to you to personally commit to this program and do whatever it takes to stick with it for these next 2 weeks. If you want to commit to 14-weeks, you can do that later, after you have started to see all of the positive results of working out and eating the right way. You WILL get the results you want. This will not be a “quick fix”, and nor will it be something you will have to fight extremely hard to maintain. You will develop an entirely new way to live your healthy life, and will transform yourself in the process.