Changing For Good

Remember, change is all about harnessing emotions and using them to motivate and drive yourself towards something you want. Rational thought – the boring reasons why you should be healthy – are not good enough reasons to keep you motivated and committed in the long run.

Lose the Freshman 15

For example, say your doctor has told you to lose 20 pounds because your blood pressure is too high. This is obviously a very good reason to exercise! However, millions of people are told this every year and yet 60% of the US population still fails to exercise. Why?

In my opinion, I think they do not tie enough emotion to their weight loss goal. Eating cake and sitting on the couch are relaxing. Quite simply, these actions feel good so we do them. The only way to override this urge is to develop a goal with an outcome that will feel better emotionally than eating poorly and not exercising.

So let’s get pumped up about our new journey! Here is a simple yet very powerful way to tie very strong emotion to any goal you might have in life. We will repeat this exercise in more detail later, but I want you to feel what it is like to get revved up before a workout.

I want you to sit quietly by yourself and close your eyes. Picture yourself exactly how you would like to look. What does each part of your body look and feel like? What types of thoughts are going through your head? What are you wearing? How do you feel inside? Step into this new body and really experience what this transformation would do for you.

Now, I want you to get a piece of paper and write down 20 reasons why becoming this new person would be good for you. Do not stop until you have 20 reasons. You should feel more motivated already. Having a list of 20 positive reasons linked to any goal automatically activates your internal drive and motivates you towards what you want. Put this list where you can see it every day.

So now you have your new fitness goal – how you want to look and feel – and 20 reasons why this is important to you. Later on through the Video Training Series in my 14-week program, we will add a level of visual motivation and more specific fitness goals, but for now we just want to plant the seed of desire with this quick and simple motivational exercise.

The fundamentals of how to develop lasting change, how to effectively motivate yourself and hold yourself accountable, and how to exercise and eat so you look amazing will all be covered. In this program you will soon learn how to set fitness goals and reach them every single time you try. You will be amazed at how consistent you are at getting what you want.

How This Program Works

I designed this program to be extremely easy to follow, and very efficient at teaching the essentials to eating and exercising properly and motivating ourselves to get results. More importantly, hundreds of women have expressed the need for an element of personal accountability in their workout plan. This is understandable, as some days it is very difficult to motivate ourselves to go into the gym without someone holding us accountable for our actions. I have developed five tools that combine to form a very powerful program for personal change:

The 5 Tools for Fitness Success

  1. Daily Workout Log
  2. This Lifting and Cardio Guide
  3. Nutrition Guide
  4. Exercise “How To” Video Library (download onto your i-pod!)
  5. Weekly Video Training Modules (in my Complete Program)