1. The Daily Workout Log - This will help you change faster than you ever thought possible

Have you ever heard of the expression “failing to plan is planning to fail”? Well it may sound a bit cliche, but it really is true. If you want a sexy slim body you need to work all your muscles on a regular basis. More importantly, if you want to constantly grow stronger, more tone and get slim you need to push yourself a little bit harder each and every workout.

schedule workout fatloss

The only way to make sure you are working all your muscles AND pushing yourself is to keep aworkout log. A simple pen and piece of paper is all you need. In fact, I have made it very simple for you to keep track of all your workouts. Just go to the workouts section of this guide and you can print out a workout card for every single workout in this 2 week program. Take it with you to the gym and you are ready to go. Keeping a workout log will make sure you don’t forget an exercise and more importantly it will help motivate you to get into the gym and complete your workouts.

Now that we know about logging our progress, let’s talk about what you will actually be doing in the gym.