2. The Workout Guide - A simple proven set of fun exercises in a program designed just for us women


This workout plan is the heart of the Fthe Freshman 15 program. Remember I actually developed this program with college women, most with absolutely no previous experience in the gym other than running. You can do this program. It will be a ton of fun and if you work at you can have amazing results. But in order to get the body you want you have to actually get in the gym, even if you are busy and don’t feel like it.

Trust me, I am going to show you how to go to the gym even if you hate it or are just too busy or too tired. Here are the five simple steps you can take to get in the gym and get the results you want and deserve.

STEP 1: Schedule Your Workouts and STICK TO THEM

First, why don’t you take a look at your existing daily schedule. Now, let’s schedule in times for your workouts. There is ALWAYS time to workout, because exercise will keep you healthier, happier, and will actually increase your ability to concentrate when it comes time to do your schoolwork.

Look at it this way: You don’t have time to not workout!

For the next two weeks, you will have 3 lifting sessions and 2 cardio sessions each week. For instance, a popular schedule is:

  • Lift on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Cardio on Tuesday and Thursday

But because there is really no “wrong” way to structure your workouts (well, aside from not scheduling them at all), you can structure your workouts in the way that works best for you!

Just be sure to allow for at least one day between lifting days, and to do your two cardio sessions on days that you don’t lift. Your remaining two days will be designated “Rest” days (that means no lifting or cardio on these days!)

When planning your workouts, also be sure to allow for about 45-60 minutes per lifting session, and 30-40 minutes per cardio session. Remember to take into consideration the time it will take to get to the gym, change into your workout clothes, stretch, and warmup your muscles.

Note that this program uses less than 3% of the number of hours in a week, and you don’t have to run every day or starve yourself in the process!

Finally, work around your meal schedule and try to time your workouts about 1.5 - 2 hours after you eat. It can be any meal...whatever works for you.

Ok so now after you figure out what days work for you, write your gym schedule down for the next two weeks...and HONOR these workout days. If you show up every day you are already doing better than 90% of those who try to exercise.

Remember: The ONLY difference between you and a sexy body is 2 or 3 simple habits...that’s it. All you have to do is get in the habit of exercising and you will be halfway to your goal.

STEP 2: Print out your workout log

Remember the workout log I was talking about? Well I have laid out every workout for the next two weeks at the end of this post. Why don’t you print them out and keep them with you when you go to workout. Remember to take something to write with so you can keep track of your progress.

STEP 3: Get Moving!!!!!

Below is the basic structure of every workout:

  1. Begin each workout with a light run around the neighborhood or on a treadmill (or jump-rope!) at a very easy pace to get your core body temperature up.
  2. Next move onto the mobility warm-up to lubricate your joints and get your muscles ready to work. A downloadable video of this warmup can be found here
  3. Move through the exercises in the workout cards on the following pages, allowing for a 2 - 3 minute rest between each of them. A complete downloadable video library of the exercises for each day can be found at here

For the Cardio portion (2 days per week), you will alternate between the following two workouts:

Cardio Workout #1:

3 minutes walking to warm up

  • 5 minutes easy jogging
  • 10 minutes comfortable pace jogging
  • 2 minutes faster, uncomfortable pace jogging
  • 5 minutes easy jogging

3 minutes walking to cool down

Cardio Workout #2:

20-25 minutes running at a comfortable pace

Ready for specific workouts? Click below: