Is Society Making You Fat?

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One of the women I used to train sent me an email telling me about some guy at the gym who pissed her off. Upon seeing her lifting weights, he came up to her and said,

“Why are you bench pressing? Women aren’t supposed to do that!” – Dumb guy at gym

Wow. Hearing this guy’s ignorant response obviously still infuriates me, but it also helped me realize something I’d never really thought about before:

Society’s perceptions of what women “should do” are actually keeping us out of shape!

How? Well, Humans long to “belong” to society, and to fit in to the social “norms”. No one wants to be the social outcast, and hence we tend to “follow the leader” and just do what everyone else is doing.

For men, that means lifting weights, eating often, and getting strong and ripped.

For women, that means treadmills, elliptical, bikes, stair-mills, starvation diets, and getting… well…Frustrated!

What my female friend experienced is not abnormal either.  I too get the occasional “why are YOU doing that?” while squatting or curling in the weight room. But that’s when I look at them and say, “And why NOT?” For some reason, men have come to think that they own the weight room, and that women should just stick to the treadmill, “where we (women) belong”.

But are you really going to let these cocky guys prevent you from discovering the true and simple secret to 6-pack abs?

Or are you just going to continue scurrying on over to the cardio equipment with the rest of the women, starving yourself while you marvel at your ripped guy friends who can eat twice their weight in food and still look amazing?

Well, my super fit friend did nothing of the sort. Instead, upon hearing that she was clearly unwanted in the male-dominated realm of lifting and fitness, she politely rolled up her sleeves (to show of those toned and sexy biceps), and added more weight to her bench press.

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