Stay toned during the Holidays with these 6 simple tricks!

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For many women, “Holidays” mean putting diet and fitness habits on the back burner for a few weeks… and then regretting it later when they step on the scale.  Instead of being one of these women who gains 5-10 pounds this Holiday Season, incorporate some of these simple tricks into your routine, and be ready to show off that toned body in your hottest little black dress this New Years!

1)      Stay Active!  Don’t use the gym’s odd holiday hours as an excuse to sleep in and skip your workout.  Staying active will not only keep you toned, but it will also help reduce wintertime blues and stress… which will in turn prevent you from over-eating.

Before you hit the mall or holiday party, jumpstart your metabolism with this 10-minute total body toning workout!

2)      Eat an apple before you party! To avoid all that temptation that’s sure to await you at your friends/neighbors/family’s Holiday party, never arrive starving or overly hungry! Instead, take the edge off your hunger by eating an apple before you leave the house.  The fiber in the apple will help prevent you from going crazy and stuffing yourself when you arrive at the food fest.

3)      Train for a 5K!  Keep yourself moving all winter by working towards a fun fitness goal. Start by entering a local 5K race on Thanksgiving Day, and finish your “season” with a race on Christmas or New Year’s morning. Local races are a TON of fun, especially if you bring a few girlfriends/boyfriend/family member… and usually have a few freebies to give out for participants as well.

To train for your 5K, check out my cardio article HERE and incorporate 2 steady state 25-30 minute runs, and 1 of the “H.I.I.T” (High intensity interval training) workouts into your lifting schedule each week.

4)      Don’t go back for “seconds”!  When it comes to eating at that Holiday Party Buffet, stick to ONE plate of food.  Personally, I like to load up half my plate with veggies, and then save the other half for whatever I want!

Or, if you’re the kind of person who likes to try everything, then go ahead! – but limit yourself to little portions of each dish, and remember to not  go over your ONE plate limit.

5)      If you “MUST” have dessert, have something light! Try a plate of fruit topped with vanilla-flavored yogurt or pudding, angel food cake with strawberries and cool whip, or a slice of pumpkin pie (the lowest calorie dessert!)

6)      EAT SLOWLY and take time to ENJOY your meal!  It can take up to 10 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it’s full.  So, take small bites, chew your food, and eat S L O W L Y!  Instead of racing to finish your plate, take the time to enjoy the company and conversation of your friends and family.  You will have a LOT more fun, and your waistline will thank you!

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