How to Shape your Body with the Deadlift

toned abs workout losing inchesIn the previous article, I explain how to do one of the best butt exercises for women: the box squat.

In this article, I teach you how to tone your butt, hamstrings, calves, back, and abs with one simple movement: the Deadlift.  Then, I show you how to put it all together into a fun workout routine that will burn over 700 calories in just one hour.

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How to Get the Best Cardio Workout


Best CardioWhile running for an hour every single day is definitely not a very effective (or fun) way to get in shape, cardio is still a necessary component of any good workout program.

I call cardio the "necessary evil"

I use the word "evil" here because cardio is usually assumed to be torturous, boring, time-consuming, monotonous, and just plain...well, punishing.

That is, until now!! Cardio doesn't have to be this way at all. Learn the best way to do cardio.

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The 21 foods that set your Metabolism on Fire and Boost your Energy All Day!

Grocery Shopping

Imagine if there was a type of delicious food that made you THINNER just by eating it. But wait, how is that possible...Doesn't food make you fat?

Hell, NO!

Aside from the fact that EATING in general will give you energy and speed up your metabolism, there are certain foods that really kick you into energetic, fat-burning shape. Take a look at this list of top fat-burning foods below, and… bon appétit!
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