Perfect your Problem Areas with These 3 Nutrition Rules

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It is very true that "exercise alone is not enough" to change your body.

In fact, exercise alone is hardly anything. For instance, one study demonstrated that you can exercise as hard as possible (say, 5 times a week for 16 weeks with an Olympic Conditioning coach), but will only see marginal results (about 1.5 measly lbs of fat loss) if you don’t also change the way you eat!
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Shape Your Legs and Butt With the Squat

Lower Body Lifts

How to Squat Like a Woman

Weight lifting is not just for men. In fact, women can use weight lifting with moderate cardio and a proper diet to lose fat and preserve their calorie burning muscle. Remember, losing fat will not shape your body. If you want a more curvy athletic build you need to at least maintain, and preferably build more muscle. Weight training can help you do this.

You will not get bulky or muscular unless you are taking steroids.

In a previous article I discussed how a woman can learn to bench press. In this post you will learn how to safely ease yourself into the squat.

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