Nutrition for a Flatter Belly

Flatter AbsIn a previous article I gave you a great ab workout for women in order to get those core muscle in shape. Now that you have that working for you, you're gonna need to burn off some fat so you and everybody you want to impress can see them.

Read on to learn four simple changes you can make immediately to start burning more fat and get that flat belly you want.

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Is Society Making You Fat?

Fat Slim

One of the women I used to train sent me an email telling me about some guy at the gym who pissed her off. Upon seeing her lifting weights, he came up to her and said,

“Why are you bench pressing? Women aren’t supposed to do that!” – Dumb guy at gym

Wow. Hearing this guy’s ignorant response obviously still infuriates me, but it also helped me realize something I’d never really thought about before:

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The Big Scam Behind Magazine Workouts

Magazine Scam

So it happens to all of us.

There you are, standing in line at the grocery store, when that miracle headline catches your eye: “Inside: the workout that will get you seriously ripped in just 2 weeks! (page 35)”  (WOW)

Obviously, you’d have to be crazy to not cough up 4 bucks to get a ripped bod in 14 days, right!?

Well now I’m going to tell you why you should never waste another penny on these crappy, bogus, too-good-to-be-true magazine workouts.
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Stay toned during the Holidays with these 6 simple tricks!

fat burn cardio high intensity

For many women, “Holidays” mean putting diet and fitness habits on the back burner for a few weeks… and then regretting it later when they step on the scale.  Instead of being one of these women who gains 5-10 pounds this Holiday Season, incorporate some of these simple tricks into your routine, and be ready to show off that toned body in your hottest little black dress this New Years!
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Shape Your Legs and Butt With the Squat

Lower Body Lifts

How to Squat Like a Woman

Weight lifting is not just for men. In fact, women can use weight lifting with moderate cardio and a proper diet to lose fat and preserve their calorie burning muscle. Remember, losing fat will not shape your body. If you want a more curvy athletic build you need to at least maintain, and preferably build more muscle. Weight training can help you do this.

You will not get bulky or muscular unless you are taking steroids.

In a previous article I discussed how a woman can learn to bench press. In this post you will learn how to safely ease yourself into the squat.

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How to Get the Best Cardio Workout


Best CardioWhile running for an hour every single day is definitely not a very effective (or fun) way to get in shape, cardio is still a necessary component of any good workout program.

I call cardio the "necessary evil"

I use the word "evil" here because cardio is usually assumed to be torturous, boring, time-consuming, monotonous, and just plain...well, punishing.

That is, until now!! Cardio doesn't have to be this way at all. Learn the best way to do cardio.

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