The Big Scam Behind Magazine Workouts

Magazine Scam

So it happens to all of us.

There you are, standing in line at the grocery store, when that miracle headline catches your eye: “Inside: the workout that will get you seriously ripped in just 2 weeks! (page 35)”  (WOW)

Obviously, you’d have to be crazy to not cough up 4 bucks to get a ripped bod in 14 days, right!?

Well now I’m going to tell you why you should never waste another penny on these crappy, bogus, too-good-to-be-true magazine workouts.
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The #1 Diet and Workout Myth that is Making Women Fat


On average, very few women at the gym actually understand how to work out. For some reason, people have been lying to women, telling us that lots of cardio and more dieting are the keys to success in the battle against fat-loss.  I did a survey this past Spring that confirmed this: about 95% of the women I spoke with had never lifted with free weights, and spent most of their time on the eliptical or treadmill machines. Even more shocking to me was that about 80 percent of the women hadn’t eaten anything within the past 3.5 hours of exercising (or more – one young woman running on the treadmill hadn’t eaten for nearly 7 hours!) EEK!

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