3 Tricks to Get Toned while you Travel

Jill Jacobs toned

Straight Flexin' in a Hotel Room :)

Whether for your demanding job or for a relaxing vacation, traveling usually does not bode well for trying to maintain a consistent workout routine that will help you keep the weight off -- let alone get in great shape. Hotel gyms are small, and have minimal equipment available aside from a few small dumbbells and a treadmill or two. Meals are sporadic, often served in larger portions, and less healthy than what you normally can cook and prepare at home.

But in this article, I'm going to give you 3 simple things you can do to make sure you continue making great progress towards your toning and weight loss goals... even when you're on the road!

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6 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated in the Gym!


Do you find yourself skipping workouts or struggling to get in the gym?

Do you have trouble being consistent for more than a few weeks or months?

Is it hard to stick to your healthy diet?

Is it difficult to reach your weight loss goals?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone.

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Lose the Freshman 15! – 9 Rules to Get Toned in College

College Weight Gain Pizza

If you don’t read this article you could gain (at least) 7 or 8 lbs per year in college

As if new college students don't already have enough to worry about, there’s also the dreaded 5, 10, 15-plus pounds you can often gain in your first year alone.  Hence, the often joked-about, much-hated “Freshman 15”.

Learn how to avoid the dreaded freshman 15 with these 9 Simple Rules...

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Best 10-minute Toning Workout on the Planet!

arm toning workout

Between work, school, and all those other pain-in-the-butt activities that we women MUST do in a day, it seems like there’s never time left in the day for a decent social life... let alone a good workout.  So what are you to do, when you want to go party in that little black dress, but don’t have time to hit the gym beforehand?

Well, because every girl has the right to party AND look and feel her best, I’ve created this killer (honestly) workout that gives you the burning, toning, metabolism-boosting power of a full 50-minute gym session… in just 10 minutes from the comfort of your dorm room, apartment, hotel, or wherever your little heart desires!  Not only will you get an awesome workout, but you’ll also go to that party feeling more energized, confident, and looking noticeably more toned (thanks to that magical post-workout muscle tissue repair process that is much too scientific for me to explain here…)

Don’t believe me? Just TRY the workout and prove me wrong...
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