The Top 5 Reasons Why Crunches Don’t Work

Crunch Exhaustion

A few nights ago at the gym, I noticed two young women crunching and crunching and crunching… bobbing their heads up and down off a mat for over 10 minutes at least. This happens all the time, but I felt particularly compelled to liberate these two girls from their useless “ab routine”. And so, I stopped my squat set early to save the girls a lot of time, frustration, and neck/back pain later in life...

“Do you girls know that crunches don’t work?”

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Get rid of problem areas: Tone up your Tummy!

Weight lifting will help shed fat from all over

FTF15 conducted a survey of college women and asked them: “With regards to weightloss, what is your biggest problem area”?

Of the hundreds of women I surveyed, surprisingly only about 2% said they “wouldn’t change a thing” – in other words, these women were truly happy with how they looked and felt all over!

Personally, this statistic upset me, because I think that EVERY woman deserves to feel this way about her body. And so, I've created this next series of articles for the other 98% of you – for all the women who want to lose that lower-belly pooch (34%), tone up your arms and shoulders (25%), get rid of stubborn thigh cellulite (16%), get a perkier, more toned butt (13%), and just plain “tone up all over!” (8%)

Specifically, in this first article, we’ll be focusing on how to tone up your abs...
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