Lose the Freshman 15! – 9 Rules to Get Toned in College

College Weight Gain Pizza

If you don’t read this article you could gain (at least) 7 or 8 lbs per year in college

As if new college students don't already have enough to worry about, there’s also the dreaded 5, 10, 15-plus pounds you can often gain in your first year alone.  Hence, the often joked-about, much-hated “Freshman 15”.

Learn how to avoid the dreaded freshman 15 with these 9 Simple Rules...

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The #1 Trick to Staying Toned: Learn how to be Lazy!

Toned Beach This past week, I stayed in Hermosa Beach with my Aunt and Uncle. While I was there, I did absolutely... nothing!

Instead of Cardio sessions, I took lazy strolls along the beach, shopped, and did a free "Zumba in the park" class at sunset.  Instead of hitting the weights at the gym, I hit a private "pole dancing" class, ate buckets of tropical fruit, and got a pedicure. Instead of "feeling the burn" doing High Intensity Interval Training, I ate some spicy Mexican food, and felt a little bit of pink sunburn (from all those fabulous beach naps!)

So, how did I get away with doing absolutely NOTHING for an entire week... without feeling an ounce of guilt?

Well, because taking a week off (yes completely off) from exercise is actually the single most crucial part of my fitness regimen. And, I have learned that being "Lazy" (when incorporated appropriately) is actually the #1 strategy for helping women stay toned, healthy, motivated, (and sane) on any workout plan...
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