Tone up your problem area: Get toned arms!

toned arms

In a previous article I debunk the myths about problem areas, and show you how to shed pesky belly fat through a highly effective combination of complex lifting exercises, cardio timing, and supplemental tummy toning exercises.  I even gave you an awesome ab-toning workout for you to try right away!

In this article, I'll teach you how to get toned and sexy arms that will make you want to throw away anything with sleeves...

Before you try the awesome arm-toning workout I've provided in my video below, I first recommend reading my article on problem areas -- to help you understand the myths (and truths!) about how to get rid of them.

Second, the FTF15 college workout plan is chock-full of the most highly effective lifting exercises for burning as much fat as possible, and getting rid of all your problem areas (I promise!) So, if you  haven’t done so yet, GET THE WORKOUT PLAN, and start incorporating it into your schedule today.

Finally, try the awesome arm-toning workout below, and incorporate it one time per week in place of any of the lifting workouts outlined in your FTF15 workout plan!

The Best ArmToning Workout for Women

The arm toning workout I have supplied below is a great way to help build precious arm and shoulder muscles that will give you that sleek and sexy upper body that you’re after.

To get this workout on a printable workout card to take to the gym with you, click HERE.

To learn how to incorporate this arm toning workout into a complete workout plan with hundreds of exercises designed just for women, get the complete 14-week program!

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